Healthcare Checkup – July 2016

Julia Mastropaolo 07/05/16 - 2:30 pm

Let’s talk costs. According to a Duke University study of nearly 2,000 physician-patient conversations published in the journal Health Affairs found that when patients brought up costs during office visits, doctors deflected. But, talking about costs isn’t any easier for the patient. However, patients are now responsible for paying for a greater share of their healthcare costs out of pocket. Because of this, they are thinking twice about tests, procedures and brand-name scripts. What does this mean for your brand? Take a look.

Patients want to talk about costs but docs stick to the old script. Patients are becoming increasingly cost-conscious, but physicians aren’t comfortable talking about price. See here.

Have you watched an online video today? If so, how many? Probably more than you want to admit, right? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. We love video and here’s why.

6 reasons your brand should leverage video. According to Forrester Research, one-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. And it doesn’t stop there. Here are six reasons why your brand should be using video.

Have you heard of the “Amazon effect?” Trends in online retail are spreading to other verticals due to customer expectations. Consumers expect pricing transparency, selection, and value. And fast. Is your brand prepared? And do you need help with your online video marketing? Here are six tips every healthcare marketer should know. Take a look.

Why healthcare marketing will soon feel the amazon effect. Customers now expect an “Amazon-like” experience everywhere they go online, including healthcare. See why.

6 tips for better healthcare marketing videos and podcasts. Hospitals, medical practices and individual providers have invented dozens of purposes and places to present their marketing story via a video format.

Looking to market to all generations but don’t have the budget? Not a problem. There’s one common denominator across each audience. Can you guess what it is? Download our free guide: How to market healthcare to all generations, to learn more.

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