Healthcare Checkup – August 2018

Julia Mastropaolo 08/31/18 - 3:33 pm

Is the patient medical bill part of your consumer journey mapping? With 83% of Americans finding high medical costs a big problem, it should be. Are you communicating properly with your burgeoning multi-cultural audiences? Taking advantage of Instagram Stories? Thinking about self-driving autos as your next nontraditional media vehicle? Learn about all this AND find out what a “clinical quarterback” is in this month’s Checkup.


What your healthcare journey map is missing. Your healthcare system is a marketing marvel. You’ve mastered and meticulously addressed every step of the consumer journey. Except one. Learn how and why it could all be undone by a couple pieces of paper delivered by a mailman.

Closing the multicultural-consumer healthcare gap. Multicultural consumers conceptualize and experience health and wellness through a distinctive cultural lens that is ill-suited for the one-size-fits-all attitude adopted by the majority of the American healthcare system. With $1.3 trillion in multicultural healthcare spending, connecting with this burgeoning audience is key to marketers.


How autonomous vehicles are driving the future of advertising. As the conversation about self-driving cars shifts from “if” to “when,” it’s important to set your brand up or success in this new era. If the next great media channel is the self-driving car, will you brand be ready to kick it into gear?

7 Instagram Story features you should be using. Since launching in 2016, Instagram Stories has increased in popularity with nearly 400 million Instagram Stories every day. Here are seven features your brand should be using.


Everyone deserves a holistic, patient-centric health care system. Aetna’s president, Karen Lynch, summarizes the results of the company’s Health Ambition Study. Learn how “clinical quarterbacks” work with members to create personalized, holistic care plans to answer consumer needs and achieve true transformation.

Americans are closely divided over value of medical treatments, but most agree costs are a big problem. According to new Pew Research Center survey, 83% of Americans, regardless of their income, say a big problem is that the high cost of medical treatments makes quality care unaffordable.


Looking to market to all generations but don’t have the budget? Not a problem. There’s one common denominator across each audience. Can you guess what it is? Download our free guide, How to market healthcare to all generations, to learn more.

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