Healthcare Checkup – August 2016

Julia Mastropaolo 08/02/16 - 3:14 pm

Are you a patient trying a new med? What about trying a new hospital? Treatment? Well, there’s a community for you. In fact, patients are seeking patients to learn their stories, experiences and find a support system and community. Consumers are also seeking insurance discounts. You know, like nonsmokers and seat-belt wearers. But what about marathon runners? Surely there’s a discount for that? We are interested, so we blogged about it. We also have everything you need to know about healthcare social media trends to notice this year. Take a look.


Patients seeking patients find community, resources on Smart Patient Information. It’s what the newly diagnosed and their loved ones crave. Insights from patients and survivors is especially prized.

Marathoning for an insurance discount. Nonsmokers and seat-belt wearers can get a break on insurance. So can people with healthy BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. What about people who run marathons?

5 healthcare social media trends you’ll notice this year. Social media is constantly changing. Take a look at the five healthcare social media trends you’re sure to start noticing (that is, if you haven’t already).


Are you up to date on the latest Facebook algorithm changes? Don’t worry, we got your brand. We also got Fitbits. Why? Turns out, our little office competition is part of a big trend. Check it out.

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s latest changes. Here are two key tips to working your Page harder under the new Facebook algorithm.

Brogan team straps on wearables for a little healthy competition. So far, the Brogan Fitbit challenge has sparked a lot of healthy conversation and smart ideas. Like, how about we take this meeting for a walk?


Not only is advertising increasing (cancer hospital advertising to be specific), but so too are healthcare spending growth rates. Another trend on the rise…Pokémon Go. But it’s not what you think. Take a look.

Cancer hospital advertising triples since 2005. Between 2005 and 2014, U.S. cancer centers upped their spending on ads targeting the general public, with 890 centers spending $173 million on ads by 2014, according to a new analysis.

Healthcare spending growth rates rises again in 2015. The U.S. healthcare system spent $3.2 trillion in 2015, or almost $10,000 for every person, according to the latest federal projections.


Does your hospital marketing budget have you down? Download our free guide, “How to market your hospital on a tight budget,” to learn budget efficient marketing strategies.

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