Healthcare Advertising Example #7: Sutter Health

Abigail McGrath 11/18/21 - 2:46 pm

“It’s the parking out front when you really, really need it.” “It’s the room that’s less sort-of private, and more private.” “It’s the relentless determination to get you home as soon as humanly possible.”

It’s a thousand things, big and small.

Impactful healthcare puts medical care front and center. But right beside that, and almost equally important, is compassionate, human care… the nurses, hospital staff, facilities, meals, smiles, helping hands and caring hearts that make a patient’s overall care experience a thousand times better.

That’s exactly what this spot from Sutter Health exemplifies.

Why we love it

“A Thousand Things” is a one-minute spot with a lasting effect. It’s the type of feel-good advertisement you’d show to the loved one sitting next to you. But it also effectively sells the product and brand.

Sutter Health has a roster of accolades and awards for medical care, but instead of pushing those at the customer, it delicately wraps them in a more powerful and emotional storyline. We love this empathetic approach to healthcare advertising and the way the campaign recognizes the emotion in medical care in addition to the awards.

The campaign also had the legs to extend into specific service lines and changing times. Throughout the pandemic, Sutter Health used the concept to show their commitment to COVID safety and continued care. The health system produced countless additional ads with varying subject matter but the same root message: the best care is made up of thousands of moments, memories and efforts, big and small.

This is post #7 in our blog series: Just what the doctor ordered: 10 examples of creative healthcare advertising.

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