Healthcare Advertising Example #6: HomeCare Association of Louisiana, “Young at Home.”

Laura Pryor 11/15/21 - 10:44 am

None of us like to think of our parents declining, needing help to cope with the basics of life. Perhaps this is why most advertising for retirement homes or at-home health services is hushed, sentimental, a little sad… and not a lot of fun.

So when the HomeCare Association of Lousiana (HCLA) tapped Brogan & Partners for a campaign promoting the benefits of in-home care, we knew it was time for a new approach. One that acknowledged the vibrant personalities and interests that older adults still possess, regardless of their physical restrictions.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a video in which young children portray home care clients. A voiceover asks: “What’s the secret to staying young? Home health care.”

Why We Love It

Adorable children, jaunty background music, big smiles—this lighthearted video focuses entirely on the positives of older adults staying at home, staying healthy, and continuing the activities they love. Adult children seeking solutions for their aging parents are already all too aware of the sad side of this dilemma. By focusing on the positive, HCLA helps lighten their load and allows them to concentrate on the proactive steps they can take to improve their parents’ lives.

This is post #6 in our blog series: Just what the doctor ordered: 10 examples of creative healthcare advertising.

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