Healthcare Advertising Example #3: Royal Alexandra Hospital

Abigail McGrath 10/05/21 - 9:55 pm

There’s a difference between care and caring. Between administering standard healthcare measures and going above and beyond for patients. While the pandemic has been difficult for healthcare systems and our world, it’s also given the general public a more intimate look into medical care than ever before.

We’ve seen medical professionals make breakthroughs, put in longer-than-usual hours and risk their own lives for the good of patients. All this with their own fears, feelings and families at home. So when you think about the stories of health workers going above and beyond for patients – performing small acts of kindness or moving mountains in the name of caring – it means that much more.

While this three-minute video from Royal Alexandra Hospital was released pre-pandemic, the beauty of a system that promotes elevated caring over baseline care is even more impactful today.

Why we love it

The Difference Between Care & Caring embodies the power of storytelling. There’s no voiceover guiding the spot. There’s no real script. And yet, one can’t help but be wrapped up in the story and inspired by the message.

And we’re not the only ones who loved the campaign. The spot has nearly 500,000 YouTube views and went on to win awards… and win over the general public. Medical professionals and their loved ones responded with overwhelming feelings of connection. The spot echoes the compassion that’s a driving force for so many in the field.

Just as quality care is something patients will always remember, this spot is a great healthcare advertising example to remember, too.

This is post #3 in our blog series: Just what the doctor ordered: 10 examples of creative healthcare advertising.

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