Healthcare Advertising Example #10: Mayo Clinic, “You Know Where to Go.”

Laura Pryor 12/08/21 - 2:56 pm

What kind of crazy hospital runs a campaign of :60 TV spots that never mention doctors, treatments, technology, or reputation? Spots that don’t even mention its name until the final seconds?

One that’s so well-regarded, the mere mention of its name tells us everything we need to know: Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic’s 2019 “You Know Where to Go” campaign (created by TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York) showcases the journeys of several patients, who travel long distances to seek out the elite level of care the Clinic provides. A father and son travel together in “Road Trip;” a young woman makes the journey with her best friend in “Lucky Hat;” and an older couple go by rail in “Train Ride.”  Emotional moments hint at the gravity of their situation, but it isn’t until they arrive that we learn their destination. The spots all close simply with white type on a black background: “When it’s time to find answers, you know where to go.”

Why We Love It

In the world of healthcare advertising, most hospitals don’t have the luxury of saying volumes merely by showing their name on the side of a building. But even the few that do usually can’t resist the temptation to list off their achievements or showcase high-tech equipment. By focusing these spots entirely on the patients and their journeys, Mayo Clinic not only strikes an emotional chord, they also subtly and effectively communicate the message all hospitals need to convey: Here, it’s all about the patient.

Mayo Clinic knows they’re #1. With this campaign, they show that patients are #1 with them.

This is post #10 in our blog series: Just what the doctor ordered: 10 examples of creative healthcare advertising.

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