Creative social marketing example #8: Invent Now.

Laurie Hix 09/16/09 - 11:09 am

I read somewhere that the generation now graduating, Generation Y, will be the least entrepreneurial of any generation. Over scheduled by parents and over rewarded with trophies for just about everything, they don’t seem to be as much of go-getters as others before them. Now Generation Z, is still young—so maybe there is hope for them. (Although my kids play a lot of sports and have a lot of trophies in our basement too!) The United States Patent and Trademark Office and the National Inventors Hall of Fame partnered with the AdCouncil to help inspire invention.  The result is The TV is really fun. And while the concept of the Web site is strong, it was built a while back and I got a little impatient waiting for the downloads. But for a kid that likes to tinker, there is inspiration, challenges and instructions on how to get a patent. Let’s hope Gen Z is paying attention. I really hope America makes a comeback—so I can retire with a decent 401K one day!

Encouraging kids to pursue STEM education and careers is a hot topic. We created a campaign for Consumers Energy to launch the Generation Genius Project

This blog post is #8 in my series, 21 creative social marketing examples.


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