Creative social marketing example #15: obesity prevention.

Laurie Hix 11/11/09 - 12:00 pm

Despite the 40 billion dollars poured into the diet industry, 2 out of 3 Americans are clinically obese. I, myself, have poured a big chunk of change into this industry. And while I adore my nutritionist, Gail Posner, and the progress we’ve made over the years, it is a daily battle of wills. Like “Will I put myself first and walk today?” or “Will I love myself enough to say no to that cookie calling my name?” Which is why I love some of the work the AdCouncil has done for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Obesity Prevention Campaign.  While creative like “Love Handles” and “Double Chin” are very funny and attention-getting, they don’t really inspire me as much as the posters like the one below. I can relate to these people with  spare tires and the copy that follows their curves to demonstrate how by taking small steps you can become smaller. These give me hope. These encourage me to keep trying.  I just joined my old gym again this weekend.  Here’s hoping I will use it and lose it.  If you have any small steps to get healthier that have worked for you, please share them…

bikini ad

At Brogan, we created a state-wide campaign to encourage people to get healthier and pledge to lose 10% of their body weight. See how we helped Michigan drop from the fifth to the eleventh heaviest state with the MI Healthier Tomorrow campaign.

This blog post is #15 in the series, 21 creative social marketing examples.


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