Creative social marketing example #12: Nike Foundation.

Laurie Hix 10/21/09 - 11:00 am

Girl power. As Americans, we’re all about empowering girls. But it wasn’t that long ago, women couldn’t vote, get equal pay for equal work or break through the glass ceiling in our country.  In developing countries, gender discrimination and gender disenfranchisement are rampant. Women don’t have a voice, the means, the education or the power to impact their destiny as easily as we have in America. The Nike Foundation along with some other folks are trying to change that with the girl effect. This is a great effort and a powerful video about how with the right opportunities, young girls in developing countries can make a difference and ultimately save our world. Spread the girl power by becoming a facebook fan of the girl effect. Or better yet, donate.  Do you think girls have the power to change the world? I do.

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This blog post is #12 in the series, 21 creative social marketing examples.


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