Creative social marketing example #1: Above the Influence.

Laurie Hix 07/29/09 - 11:00 am

We used to tell teens to “just say no”. It was defense. Now, with this campaign, The Partnership for Drug Free America is making staying drug-free really cool, empowering and inspiring. This campaign is so right on. I’ve seen many of the spots over the years on TV and the whole collection is online. These are my favorites…

Above the influence has a facebook fan page with 17,855 fans. And the web site is rich with sections on…


  • Games, like thumb wrestling, word play and sketchpads Above the Influence
  • Wallpapers and buddy icons
  • Drug facts
  • Get help/ask a doctor
  • Conversation starters
  • Mobile expressions—so you can inspire others with videos, podcasts, photos and words from your phone
  • And, of course, links to the great creative

I am sharing the link with my teenage daughters. Hopefully, they will have fun while being under the influence of above the influence.

This is the #1 in my blog series 21 creative social marketing campaigns.

2 thoughts on “Creative social marketing example #1: Above the Influence.”

  1. Overall, I think the second

    Overall, I think the second spot connects with the younger demographic. It’s more engaging and has several characters and has a keen edge.

  2. Thanks Rachael for your
    Thanks Rachael for your comment! It’s wonderful that they were able to do so many different spots. all the spots are on their website. Very inspiring…

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