9 online courses to make you a better boss.

Kaitlynn Crane 04/06/20 - 4:35 pm

9 online courses to make you a better boss.

A wise man once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” And if you ask us, John F. Kennedy couldn’t be more correct. Being a leader in any corporate capacity requires you to consistently continue your education, so you can continue cultivating your company.

To make sure you’re growing in your leadership role, consider any of the following Ivy League opportunities — all offering both personal and professional benefits.

Here are nine online courses to make you a better boss:

  • Leading the Life You Want – Taught by a former Ford Motor Company executive, this opportunity offers the 18 skills you need to lead in four areas of your life: at work, at home, in the community, and in your private self (mind, body and spirit). To help improve your performance in all areas, you’ll study the inspiring attributes illustrated by Tom Tierney (former CEO of Bain), Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), Michelle Obama (former First Lady), Eric Greitens (Republican Governor of Missouri), Julie Foudy (world champion soccer star and three-time Olympic medalist) and Bruce Springsteen (world-famous rock musician). You’ll also learn proven exercises to practice your new set of skills. 4 weeks.
  • Influence – As a leader, how can you effectively leverage your power? How can you persuade others to pursue a unified goal? And ultimately, how can you increase your influence? By the end of this class, you’ll be able to assess your unique strengths and weaknesses, be prepared to bring the right skills to any situation, and become more effective in achieving what you need to succeed. 4 weeks.
  • Improving Communication Skills – Designed to help you communicate more effectively, you’ll learn how to craft clear and convincing messages, ask thoughtful questions, engage in active listening, and choose the right medium for every kind of conversation. But, that’s not all. You’ll also learn how to discover if someone is lying (and how to react if they are), how to develop trust and how to apologize. Through this online opportunity, you’ll develop the critical communication skills you need to get ahead in business… and in life. 4 weeks.
  • Management Fundamentals – Your people are your most valuable asset, but undoubtedly, they’re the most difficult to manage. To make sure you’re living up to your leadership potential, learn how to organize, motivate and reward your team. Then, discover the difference between tasks and jobs, so you can assign all work for optimal performance. 4 weeks.
  • People Analytics – People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work — giving business leaders a way to make more informed decisions. This strategic technique can be used to recruit and retain statistically successful people. And this course will demonstrate how it’s being used at cutting-edge companies. 4 weeks.
  • Building High-Performing Teams – Is your team reaching its full potential, or is it plagued by problems like conflict and/or lack of commitment? According to the University of Pennsylvania, it’s important to understand the problems that hurt productivity. Only then can you create positive change within your company. So, to help get the best performance out of your people, this course will guide you through creating the right goals and roles — ultimately setting up your team for success. 5 weeks.
  • Creating a Team Culture of Continuous Learning – In this course, you’ll learn practical ways to create an environment people want to work in. By understanding how to effectively structure and support a team, you’ll be able to develop a group that can make a positive impact on your organization. And you’ll learn what obstacles they may encounter along the way. 4 weeks.
  • Optimizing Diversity on Teams – Want a practical perspective on promoting diversity? Take a quick look at companies like Google, Nike and UnitedHealthcare. All of the above are applying specific strategies to overcome obstacles and maximize team performance — consistently inspiring more inclusive workplaces. 4 weeks.
  • Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health – While the U.S. is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, it’s far from the healthiest. But, you can help. In fact, embracing a culture of health is an easy initiative to boost the economy and benefit your business. Because by doing so, you’re improving your employees’ well-being, which can also affect the health of your consumers and your community. Additionally, it can help reduce your costs, increase revenues and profits, and enhance your company’s reputation. And as an added bonus, this online opportunity is offered by Harvard University. Who wouldn’t want to be educated by their experts? 9 weeks.

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