5 ways hospitals can use Instagram successfully.

Emily Marchak 07/01/15 - 1:09 pm

When you think of industries that are obvious candidates for Instagram, food, fashion, travel make the short list. The delicious. The beautiful. The adventurous. These were the early adopters of the visual storytelling platform that helped build a community of more than 400 million.

Meanwhile, the healthcare industry has been a little slow to innovate around Instagram. The sick. The wounded. The infirmed. It’s not pretty. But what it lacks in beauty, it more than compensates with drama. People love to talk about healthcare. And those people have Instagram accounts.

So how can healthcare marketers capture photos on Instagram to amplify their brand story? Here are five examples:

1. Events and special visitors. Is a special guest expected to drop by the hospital or are you hosting a special event? Snap a photo. Patients and hospital staff not only get to meet their favorite coach, sports player, Santa or actor, but Instagram followers are able to join in the excitement through likes, comments and reposts. For example, Dancing With the Stars winner Rumor Willis paid a visit to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and @childrensla captured the moment:

2. Educational procedures and tools. People enjoy learning new things, so teach them via Instagram. Taking the time to educate the public is a great way to demonstrate and establish your expertise, as well as differentiate your hospital, cause or program from the rest.  From Occupational Therapy equipment, MRI machines, to home remedies, preventative measures etc. – educate your followers on healthcare procedures.

3. Behind the scenes. Take followers behind the scenes, demystifying tests, surgical procedures and facilities.

4. Promoting programs. Introducing a pet therapy program? Opening a new Maternity wing? Post a photo of your latest program to introduce it to the public and spread awareness.


5. Fundraising efforts. Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations involved in fundraising efforts can utilize Instagram as a way to spread the word. Posting a photo or video of your cause as well as providing a link to the fundraising page in your bio section, will increase awareness and encourage donations.   

For more information on how to market your business on Instagram, stay tuned to this blog series. In upcoming posts, we’ll cover industry specific best practices, share a few examples, define different types of posts, and provide steps to launch your brand on Instagram. Meanwhile, take a peek at Brogan’s Instagram account for inspiration.Or download our free whitepaper: Why your business should be marketing on Instagram.

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