Weekly Recap - March 17, 2017

Do you trust brands? An eMarketer study found that most women are skeptical. In fact, 48 percent have a hard time trusting financial service brands, 37 percent distrust healthcare brands and 24 percent distrust nonprofits. Even with social activism on the rise, Millennials are dubious about cause marketing to be skeptical. Still they yearn to be philanthropic. Where’s the give? Seeing isn’t necessarily believing. Digiday suggests brands’ viewability isn’t the be-all end-all. Let’s break it down.

DETAILS, please

What brands can do to win the trust of women. Brand trust seems to matter more than ever, though it may be harder than ever to build that trust.

Infographic: What consumers really think about cause marketing. With social activism on the rise, more brands are aligning themselves with philanthropic causes in hopes of burnishing their reputations—and their bottom lines.

Focus on viewability, but don’t make it the goal. It seems like a total no-brainer: No one wants to pay for ads that can’t be seen. But viewability is just one factor in an effective campaign.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Millennials find clever ways to finance life. Millennials aren’t the first generation to tap the Bank of ‘Rents. But they’re particularly sensitive about the handouts.

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Visual communication. Did you know that 93 percent of communication is visual? Amplify your marketing and discover how your brand can communicate visually. Download our latest free guide "Communicating with Visuals."


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Weekly Recap - March 10, 2017

Move over Facebook, Vimeo is now adding 360 degree video. But what constitutes a view? A share? A like? Adweek is breaking down what it means to truly measure ads. Us? We’re looking at HubSpot’s list of impressive influencer marketing campaigns. Take a look.

DETAILS, please

Vimeo is adding 360-degree video capabilities. Vimeo announced today it will let creators upload, share and sell 360 video on the platform. They’re hoping this will accelerate adoption of the experiential format. 

How to get the true measure of a mobile ad. And how should advertisers incorporate likes and shares in social media?

10 impressive examples of influencer marketing campaigns. You can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the elusive, purportedly mystical powers of influencer marketing.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Facebook and Google are losing the war against ad-blockers. All told, internet users worldwide had installed ad-blocking software on 616 million mobile devices and desktops by the end of 2016, a 25 percent increase from 2015 (491). 

Self-care and what it means for healthcare marketers. You know it is 2017 when you can officially count a glass of wine or reading a good book as part of your self-care routine

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Visual communication. Did you know that 93 percent of communication is visual? Amplify your marketing and discover how your brand can communicate visually. Download our latest, greatest and free whitepaper "Communicating with Visuals."


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Weekly Recap - February 24, 2017

How often do you tap into virtual assistance apps on you smartphone? According to a new study, 21 percent of consumers use them at least once a day, 26 percent use once a week and 23 percent use them at least once a month. And they’re not just using them to ask funny questions. (Siri, will you marry me?) Weather, music and searching news are popular apps. How do you measure success? Click-through no longer cuts it. Maybe video views? Take a look.

DETAILS, please

How do people use virtual assistants on their smartphones? New research looked at how often U.S. smartphone users are employing smartphone virtual assistants, why and when they’re using them, which services they’re using and what they’re commonly searching for.  

6 reasons why it’s time for advertisers to move beyond measurements like click-through. As an industry, we have incentivized click-through and created the market for fake click traffic.

The state of video marketing 2017. It seems like every year is labeled “the year of video” by one expert or another—but  2017 could well have the best claim yet. 

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

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Visual communication. Did you know that 93 percent of communication is visual? Amplify your marketing and discover how your brand can communicate visually. Download our latest, greatest and free whitepaper "Communicating with Visuals."


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Weekly Recap - February 17, 2017

#FlashbackFriday. #ThrowbackThursday. #MotivationMonday. How are you using hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? HubSpot has some strategies, especially when you need to promote video. Because when it comes to video, views differ across the generations and platform. Hint: We’re talking about Snapchat. See here.  

DETAILS, please

Do you know how to correctly use a hashtag? Here’s how hashtags work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Infographic: How Gens X, Y and Z consumer video content. Whether you’re looking to introduce your brand to a Gen X music buff, Gen Y shopping fiend or Gen Z gamer, there’s no doubt that YouTube can be a valuable investment. 

Why Snapchat misses the influencer mark, for now. Social networks typically form relationships with celebrities and social stars, Snapchat is different.  

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Kate Spade New York's 365 days of joy. Who couldn’t use a little inspiration—especially when it’s right at your fingertips.

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Visual communication. Did you know that 93 percent of communication is visual? Amplify your marketing and discover how your brand can communicate visually. Download our latest, greatest and free whitepaper "Communicating with Visuals."


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Kate Spade New York's 365 days of joy.

Who couldn’t use a little inspiration—especially when it’s right at your fingertips.

Kate Spade New York rang in 2017 with a mission to make this year a little more joyful by motivating acts of kindness. We’re feeling it.  Cheerful and joyful is one of our agency’s of our unique core values. We’re always on the lookout for ways to fan those feelings.

Kate Spade announced their new plan on Facebook:

But they didn’t stop there. The retail brand extended the campaign across all social channels. Each day brings a new message from the brand. From encouraging users to go for a walk, take a deep breath or admire a piece of art, Kate Spade is utilizing Instagram Stories and their Twitter feed to provide users with a daily piece of advice to brighten their day and encourage users to “live colorfully.”

According to Media Post, showcasing the right emotions will drive social media referrals. Studies show that 55 percent of consumers who express happiness, puzzlement and fear are more likely to share branded content. How can brands measure positivity? While the true impact of this KPI is immeasurable, positivity not only enhances new brand opportunities but it expands their audience and earns new fans and followers, said Forbes.

Feeling inspired? Perhaps it’s time for your brand to communicate more visually. Download our latest, free whitepaper "Communicating with Visuals," to learn how your brand can amplify their marketing.


Weekly Recap - February 10, 2017

What’s your social strategy look like? Fact: Tweets with images receive 18 percent more clickthroughs, 89 percent more likes and 150 percent more retweets than posts without. Perhaps you’re looking to stay on top of the social media marketing trends of 2017. Or grow your Instagram followers? This week’s Recap is taking a deeper dive into the world of social media. #Seehere.

DETAILS, please

34 stats to help you plan your social media strategy. From usage numbers to engagement statistics, see just how impactful networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become.

Six social media marketing trends to stay on top of in 2017. It’s only February but these trends are already taking over.

How to convert those Instagram followers into customers. Instagram now has more than 600 million monthly active users worldwide–more than Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

6 ads that won Super Bowl LI. From Bieber to Timberlake, Mr. Clean to Skittles, see which ads won Super Bowl LI.  

THE Topic of conversation

Visual communication. Did you know that 93 percent of communication is visual? Amplify your marketing and discover how your brand can communicate visually. Download our latest, greatest and free whitepaper "Communicating with Visuals."


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Healthcare Checkup - February 2017

Out–are the days of looking good and in–are the days of feeling good, finally. Brands are taking a new approach to reach consumers looking to benefit their health. Today, consumers are looking for more relatable messages and attainable goals. They’re also looking to take a break from some of their social media feeds. But not after they indulge in a Facebook 360 Live video, of course. Let’s take a look.  


Why brands are discovering new ways to advertise to fitness consumers. Look good, feel good? Consumers today might have proven that motivational message no longer effective.


Deseat.me: A digital disappearance. Are consumers really looking to go off the grid? Are we in the beginning stages of a digital disappearance?

Facebook 360 Live: From a marketer’s view. 360 video is nothing new to the social world, but 360 video in real time is new to the world of Facebook.


Looking to go beyond treating with a pill, healthcare firms are turning to mobile apps to help their patients. And if its personalized messaging, all the better. See here.

Moving beyond the pill in the healthcare sector. For the past several years, healthcare and pharma firms have been trying, with mixed success, to step up their beyond-the-pill programs.

Infographic: How to personalize patient marketing. The start of a positive patient experience begins with a consistent communication strategy.


Does your hospital marketing budget have you down? Download our free guide, "How to market your hospital on a tight budget," to learn budget efficient marketing strategies.

6 ads that won Super Bowl LI.

It's the one night everybody channels their inner Don Draper.

Like the fictional "Mad Men" creative director, we carefully scrutinized the Super Bowl ad lineup, scoring spots based on creativity, memorability and relatability. We'd been waiting months for this very moment.

According to the Burson Marsteller Fan Experience (BMFE), 53 percent of Americans said they'd be disappointed if the Super Bowl went commercial free. They're also not going to watch the ads until the Big Game. Adweek noted that 61 percent of consumers did not plan on watching the commercials ahead of time. In fact, "We found a lot of people who'd prefer to see the ads for the first time during the game," Jason Teitler, BMFE chair said, "They want the surprise factor."

What type of ad do consumers enjoy the most?

  • 82 percent of respondents said humor
  • 10 percent said sentimental
  • 4 percent said ironic
  • 4 percent said racy

Which ads scored big? Let's run the play.

The rookies.

New to the lineup this year were Bai, Airbnb, Hulu, Febreeze, Mr. Clean and National Geographic. Let's take a look at who scored big.

  1. Humor.
    Bai: "Bai Bai Bai."

  1. Sentimental.
    Airbnb: "We Accept."

  1. Racy.
    Mr. Clean: "Cleaner of Your Dreams."

The veterans.

Which repeat advertiser were consumers most looking forward to see? According to Adweek, 39 percent said Budweiser, 29 percent said Coca-Cola and 18 percent said Audi. Honda and GoDaddy also made the list.

  1. Humor.
    T-Mobile: "#BagofUnlimited."

  1. Sentimental.
    NFL: "Inside these lines."

  1. Ironic.
    Buick: "Big Game Commercial With Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr."

The benched.

Doritos, Heinz, Butterfinger, Taco Bell, Toyota, Visa and many more did not play in last night's game. Why? Could it have been the entry fee. The average cost for a :30 time slot was $5 million. Who's to say? But it did have us wondering what they'll do next year.

What ads topped your list? Tell us in the comments below. For more trends and insights, sign up for the Brogan Weekly Recap.

8 things every blogger must know.

If blogging isn’t part of your marketing plan, you might want to reconsider. Here’s why.

  • Blogs are like investments. One in 10 blog posts are compounding, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time (HubSpot)
  • Blogs build traffic. B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost three times more traffic than those blogging zero to one times per month (HubSpot)
  • And everybody’s doing it. 60 percent of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority (HubSpot)

So what are you waiting for? Maybe a little help to get started? Here are eight things every blogger should know:

  1. Audience & objective. Who are you trying to reach? Millennials. Women. Gen We. Why are you trying to reach them? Knowing your audience and what you want them to do is crucial to getting started.
  2. Topic & format. Are you writing about digital, trends, social media, Millennials, etc.? One thing to think about: what kind of topics is my target audience searching for? Is it virtual reality? Instagram hacks? Millennials? Boomers? Examples of healthcare media? Maybe it’s a time sensitive post or something newsjacking. The list goes on. Knowing what consumers are searching for can not only help you write your blog, but can help SEO (search engines bring your blog to the top results). Need an example? See Brogan’s categories:

Once you decide on the topic, then it’s time to setup the format. Some successful formats include: lists, how-to’s and best practices.

8 things every blogger must know

  1. Title. The title of your blog should always include the major keywords from your blog post content but should also include the keywords you know your audience searches. HubSpot notes titles with six-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic.
  2. Length. Depending on your topic and format: length of posts should be anywhere from 500-2,000 words. Need more on this? Orbit Media Studios provided the following info-chart:

8 things every blogger must know

  1. Images. Does your blog post contain an image or video? If it doesn’t, it probably should, because according to HubSpot:

Today, there are several free stock photography sites to sift through and find the perfect image to supplement your blog. You can even take your own or consult your agency.

  1. Meta descriptions. If you’re wondering what this is? You’re not alone. A meta description is roughly 155 characters or less and describes what the blog you’re about to read is about. It is an HTML attribute to help with search engine rankings.

8 things every blogger must know

  1. Promotion: Social media, SEO, email and paid media. One of the best things for bloggers to do is to share their blog on their social channels. In fact, according to HubSpot, social media promotion ranks first place with 96 percent. Following social, SEO and email both come in at 58 percent, while paid media has 15 percent usage. HubSpot also notes:
    • Social:
      • In the past two years, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57 percent
      • 76 of people use their Facebook feed to find interesting content
    • Email:
      • 86 percent of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15 percent would like to get them daily
    • SEO:
      • Google gets over 100 billion searches a month. (Mashable, 2015)
      • 51 percent of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2015)
  2. Call-to-action. Looking for users to take an additional action. Present them the opportunity to sign up for a weekly communications newsletter, direct them to a whitepaper, guide or article about the same topic. Bonus, if they do decide to take action, they are staying on your website longer and could become a potential client, customer, etc.

Interested in more? Sign-up for our Weekly Recap for more industry news and insights. (See what we did there).

Why brands are discovering new ways to advertise to fitness consumers.

Look good, feel good? Consumers today might have proven that motivational message no longer effective.

According to CEB Iconoculture research, there has been a shift in the way consumers feel about personal health. Instead of placing physical appearance as top priority, consumers now find that feeling better about themselves is taking precedence. With that said, it comes as no surprise that as  generations start to change, brands need to find the fine line between tough love and motivational messaging to connect with today's consumers.

Though some brands have a long way to go, there are others who have taken this motivational marketing concept and implemented it into their own campaigns to ensure they change with the times. Some examples of these brands include Weight Watchers', who launched their 2015 campaign “Beyond the Scale” with a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing on a healthier lifestyle without placing focus on the scale. Another brand making a big step in the right direction is American Eagle with their "#ArieREAL" campaign; using untouched models of all sizes in their collection of swim, and lingerie. According to a recent article, not only is body positivity brand messaging beneficial to the company itself, but it can help increase the body image of those easily influenced by the media.

Strong. Beautiful. You!
(Image courtesy of: nytimes.com)

What about brands who want to give a little more tough love than the rest? Take for example, Nike's #BetterForIt campaign who had a call-to-action of encouraging women to not only make new health and fitness goals, but to concur them. After all, achieving their goals would make them "better for it." But how does Nike market this messaging without insulting their consumers. CEB Iconoculture research notes one factor made a large difference... mass media. When a blunt message is aimed at the general mass, it can still be deemed effective. However, if consumers feel the message targets them directly, that is when the message's positive influence can be perceived as negative.

Better For It
(Image courtesy of: linkedin.com/pulse)

Of course, not all brands have come to the realization that a shift may need to occur in their messaging; but we are confident that with time, they will put the inspiration back in "fitspiration."

For more on healthcare marketing trends and insights, sign-up for our monthly edition of the Brogan Healthcare Checkup.

Facebook 360 Live: From a marketer's view.

Facebook 360 Live: From a marketer's view

360 video is nothing new to the social world, but 360 video in real time is new to the world of Facebook.

Launched late 2016, Facebook rolled out the new feature with National Geographic streaming live from Utah at the Mars Desert Research Station. The video captured a group of scientists at the habitat simulator, taking followers behind the scenes to the pods where the researchers had been living for 80 days. The scientists also hosted a live Q&A.

The gist? Facebook 360 lets you watch in real time, while having the opportunity to change the angle of your view point and scroll around to enjoy more content than ever before. 360 video and one angle video can be quite like the relation between a globe and a map. A globe illustrates the world in its full spherical glory, while a map can capture a specific angle.

Which brings us back to social media. Facebook 360 Live aims to give marketers more options on how to best present their brand and activate an experience. Here are some ways marketers have already used 360 video:

Advertising Product: Faraday Friday FFZERO1.

Tesla's rival, Faraday Friday, launched their electric car earlier last year. Also using video's newest technology to give users a 360 experience of what driving behind the wheel might actually feel like – or pretty close to it. If they didn't know about the FFZER01 before, they certainly do now.

Enhancing the brand: Jack Daniels' 360 Distillery Experience. 

Jack Daniels takes their followers for a 360 spin around the Jack Daniel Distillery so everyone can get a feel for the craftsmanship behind one of America’s oldest whiskey distilleries.  The 360 view makes audiences feel like they are almost there themselves, connecting with more than just the products Jack Daniels sells.

Sharing destinations: Rockefeller Center. 

During the most wonderful time of the year, this video showcases the Rockefeller Center skating rink. Although this video is not the most extravagant of the 360 videos that will be done, the simplicity allows viewers to capture true emotion – something that may have been difficult to do through one simple angle.

Facebook 360 might not be life changing for everyday Facebook users, but for content marketers it can make all the difference. Using this platform not only allows for a better view of content, but transports followers into content right from their fingertips.

With the feature being new and upcoming it is hard to tell how 360 live video will mainly be used while people are still experimenting. However, whichever way it is used, we have a feeling content creators are going to love telling stories from new angles (and taking you along for the ride!).

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Weekly Recap - January 20, 2017

Remember the saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity?” Well, that might be a thing of the past for today’s brands. According to Adweek, prior to social media brands had more control over their image. Nowadays, there is so much more involved: influencer marketing, Pinterest and live streaming. What’s a brand to do? Let’s break it down.  

DETAILS, please

How much does a little bad buzz affect a brand’s perception? A lot, it turns out. Rankings show negative news can sour even the sweetest marketing plan.

5 things you don’t know about influencer marketing. As influencer marketing evolves from a buzzed-about effort to a proven technique, marketers need to take stock of what they know is effective.

What marketers can expect from Pinterest in 2017. President Tim Kendall talks video, measurement and size.

How are internet users watching live streaming? Facebook viewership grew slightly, while other platforms slipped.

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Anti-drunk driving messages cause marketers should know. What if consumers could actually experience the results of a drunk-driving crash firsthand?

THE Topic of conversation

Instagram. Learn how your business can use Instagram to build brand awareness and increase engagement. Download our free whitepaper "Why your business should be marketing on Instagram."


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