Weekly Recap - March 9, 2018

The Brogan crew is preparing to depart on our annual Mystery Trip. And Delta's "Runways" ad has us excited for takeoff. With International Women's Day this week, this video about the gender pay gap is getting a lot of attention...Read more

Does influencer marketing still work?

"I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops." While that principle of influencer marketing is still prevalent, this marketing tactic has grown more complex. It is now more than...Read more

Are you in touch with Healthcare Touchpoint Analysis?

Is your hospital or healthcare organization talking about "Touchpoints"? Maybe you've even been asked to measure Touchpoints – and admittedly felt a little caught off guard? The first step to analyzing Touchpoints is understanding what a Touchpoint is. Wikipedia defines...Read more

Weekly Recap - March 2, 2018

Two-thirds of boomers own a smartphone. So why do marketers only target younger generations with mobile ads? Pure Gold. A trendy beer without the guilt. Why ditch an 85-year-old crocodile logo? To bring visibility to endangered species, of course. DETAILS,...Read more

23 tips to develop and deploy the best emails ever.

Email marketing? It may not sound like the coolest form of marketing. I mean, it's not a series of TV spots that the whole world will see. It's not a digital ad that will follow people from website to website...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - February 2018

Alexa as a home health aide? Anxiety the most common mental health affliction for Gen We? Cleveland Clinic concierge docs? Check out more on these, other trends and our take on them. VITAMIN B & P 4 healthcare innovations for...Read more

The latest in data collection is right under your... feet?

Imagine walking into your grocery store and heading to the bread aisle to pick up your go-to loaf of whole grain. Just then, you receive a notification on your phone that your favorite bread is on sale. You continue your...Read more

Weekly Recap - February 23, 2018

Amazon enters the healthcare arena. What does this mean for healthcare providers and consumers? The Best Feb Ever. For NBCUniversal, that is. Another Amazon attack. Delivery services have a new competitor. DETAILS, Please Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan Chase might...Read more

Is being a tech native healthful or harmful?

Being the tech generation definitely has its health benefits—hyper awareness, incredible access and greater control. But all that information and connectivity can come with some unhealthy side effects, like social anxiety and stress. As a result, Gen We want health...Read more

Is your sender reputation keeping your emails out of inboxes?

You may be done with high school (don't worry, we won't ask you when you graduated), but if you're an email marketer, you'll never be done worrying about your reputation. ... sender reputation, that is. You see, way back when,...Read more

Weekly Recap - February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day. It's not about the candy, it's about the words on the candy. Olympians up close. Like, in your living room close. Influencers: the new American dream? DETAILS, Please Sweethearts are now the most popular Valentine's candy. Tastes like...Read more

1 in 5 emails will never make it to an inbox. Will yours?

Let's say your team just created an email that'll be sent from your brand. And... let's say it's the best email ever. I mean, it's expertly written. It's well designed. It's strategically programed. There's really no room for improvement. But,...Read more


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