Should Weight Watchers market to teens?

It's no secret that America has a weight problem. More than one third of adults have obesity, and nearly one in five kids are grossly overweight. So, what's wrong with Weight Watchers marketing to teens? Earlier this year, the weight...Read more

Weekly Recap - April 6, 2018

What do the Girl Scouts of the USA and North Face have in common? Both have teamed up for equal representation of women. Speaking of teams, are you team Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks? One of these brands has better social...Read more

Cryptocurrency: what marketers should know.

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Ripple. No, these aren't random words. These are just three of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies circling the web. What is a cryptocurrency, you ask? And what do marketers really need to know about them? First, a cryptocurrency is...Read more

Brogan & Partners, chosen as first ad agency to test "AdBot" automated marketing tool, will scale back to a 2-day work week.

Marketing and advertising have become increasingly automated over the past ten years, especially in the digital space. You can find any number of companies and software programs that will help you implement elaborate email campaigns, for example, or place programmatic...Read more

Weekly Recap - March 30, 2018

Brand loyalty would be a simple feat were it not for fickle consumers and evolving tastes. Just ask a restaurant chain. AR will be the death of brick and mortar retail. Or its resurrection? Handy search hacks to help you...Read more

Docs help patients keep appointments with Uber Health.

Cost and access aren't the only barriers preventing patients from getting medical treatment. Around 3.6 million Americans—or one-third of all patients—miss medical appointments because they don't have reliable transportation, according to Uber Health. The National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) refers...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - March 2018

Touchpoint Analysis, virtual hospitals, and at-home testing keep healthcare accessibility at the forefront. March Madness and influencer marketing insight. Topped off by endearing children hospital videos – led by their biggest stars. VITAMIN B & P Are you in touch...Read more

Weekly Recap - March 23, 2018

A supermodel with coding ability? Check. Making coding lessons more accessible to young girls? Double check. Diversity is a competitive weapon in the tech industry. Move over "smart homes," smart cities are coming to town. How to survive a brand...Read more

AR in the OR - How augmented reality is transforming healthcare.

Once known as a figment of the future, Augmented Reality (AR) is now one of the most promising digital technologies of the present. It's made a splash in the entertainment, retail and education industries, and now it's taking the healthcare...Read more

At-home healthcare testing: fad or future?

Healthcare has increasingly become more accessible for patients in their own home. With services like telehealth and health portals, patients no longer have to sit in waiting rooms exposing themselves and others to germs as they receive doctor recommendations, access...Read more

Weekly Recap - March 16, 2018

Let's talk tech. Google takes assistance to the next level with a fun home. Fast-food brands vs. fast-casual restaurants. Ever dream about being the star of your own Super Mario game? Well, now you can with a new stunt from...Read more

Marketing madness by the numbers.

Sorry, we can't help you out with your NCAA basketball bracket - you'll have to guess those stats for yourself. But we do have some data on who's spending the big bucks on marketing for the tournament. The NCAA Basketball...Read more


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