Key takeaways from the Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.

This year's Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit got me thinking—a lot. But the true test of a learning experience is whether one is moved from inspiration to practice. Sharing or socializing learnings is another key indicator of value—particularly if...Read more

Weekly Recap - May 11, 2018

Microsoft is testing tech to bring offices the ultimate meeting assistant. Need a volunteer to take minutes? Fuhgetaboutit. Now if developers could only teach AI to keep meetings on task. Retailers are trimming sales staff to win more sales. I...Read more

6 insights marketers should know from Iconosphere 2018.

"Be brave in this new world," proposed Kate Muhl, CEB Iconoculture's Principal Advisor to a room full of brand strategists and advertisers. This quickly became the theme for the two-day Iconosphere 2018 conference that dove deep into consumer and generational...Read more

4 key takeaways from the MSHPM conference.

Aka (/mish pim/) or Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing , which is of course, the Michigan counterpart to SHSMD, aka (/shish med/), or Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. It's taken me a couple decades to get...Read more

Weekly Recap - May 4, 2018

Talk about multitasking. Sometime in between testifying before Congress and managing a PR crisis, Facebook hit Snapchat right in the Story. Speaking of success stories, digital success starts with a great website...and a great website starts with a great domain...Read more

Click-surfing helps marketers turn ZZZs into dollars.

Night owl. Nocturnal. Insomniac. Maybe you know one, or maybe you are one. While the idea of forgoing sleep to read another chapter or watch another episode is nothing new, consumers' options are. We're no longer limited to talk shows...Read more

Shave and a hypertension check? How barbers can help lower blood pressure.

Hypertension threatens about one in three adults in the U.S. Black men are particularly vulnerable and underrepresented in traditional studies. So, to reach this at-risk population, researchers went the nontraditional route, outside of doctors' offices and pharmacies and into barbershops...Read more

Weekly Recap - April 27, 2018

Not all e-waste recycling is created equal. As we give brands greater access to our data and wallets, we expect more from these relationships. Speaking of personal data, there's a reason for the flare-up of terms of service update emails...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - April 2018

Uber Health and Apple Health Records are easing the way for patients. While cryptocurrencies and Weight Watchers are making critics nervous. But no nerves for Zuckerberg, whose calm & cool reaped high crisis PR ratings. VITAMIN B & P Docs...Read more

Weekly Recap - April 20, 2018

Shoppers love the convenience and efficiency of the online experience, but they still like to get physical. Brick and mortar remains a fundamental part of the consumer journey. If they want one channel, it's omnichannel. Will the Facebook Cambridge Analytica...Read more

Productivity: The psychology and strategy behind getting more done.

We all know the feeling: you get to the end of the day and realize you've accomplished about half of what you were planning to do. Or less. Maybe you procrastinated, or maybe you just couldn't focus. No matter what...Read more

Weekly Recap - April 13, 2018

Plans for Earth Day? Adidas does and it's sure to be a win for the oceans. Another win – Uber is no longer just a ride-hailing company, they're expanding their business. Looking to expand yours? Perhaps, it's time to answer...Read more


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