Why cause marketing should be your top priority.

Think you don't have the time or capacity to deal with cause marketing? Think again. A study conducted by Fuse Marketing shows exactly why cause marketing can be a useful tool for your business. Cause marketing is when a business...Read more

7 Instagram Story features you should be using.

Instagram Stories was the platform enhancer we (and brands) never knew we needed. It has become a powerful way for brands to inspire and engage with users. Since launching in 2016, it has increased in popularity with nearly 400 million...Read more

Weekly Recap - July 27, 2018

Social media is today's key to success, make sure you up your social media game. Anything you can do Google Assistant can do better, at least when you're comparing it to Siri. Could this be Facebook's demise? Slow revenue and...Read more

How to get great online reviews: 5 quick tips.

More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year... but that doesn't mean they all enjoy it. A simple Google search will show you almost 20,000 online reviews. And while the park may have earned an...Read more

Weekly Recap - July 20, 2018

Technology is changing and it's changing fast. Podcasts are the latest trend. Learn how to create podcasts that will climb the charts and grab your listeners' attention. Media is everywhere. It's easy to sit inside all day, but mental health...Read more

How consumers really shop for clothing and shoes.

Most brick-and-mortar clothing and footwear retailers appreciate the importance of having a solid online game—one that complements the in-store experience. They strive to create an omnichannel path for consumers to marry store visits with online interactions. Lose the friction. Nurture...Read more

Weekly Recap - July 13, 2018

Because of its convenience and variety of products offered, Amazon has quickly climbed to the top of the retail food chain. Facebook wants to let you try on clothing and accessories from your bed. Machines have brains, and they're growing...Read more

The new fundamentals of brand loyalty.

At one time, brands could gain consumer loyalty based on the quality and price of their product. But increased skepticism and competition are making it increasingly harder for brands to win faithful fans, according to CEB Iconoculture research. Consumers say...Read more

Weekly Recap - July 6, 2018

Ditching doctors and relying on Facebook. Millennials are skipping out of traditional practices and turning to social media to diagnose and treat their illness. Out with the old and in with the new. Billie earns r e s p e...Read more

When cultural appreciation becomes cultural appropriation.

Borrowing bits and pieces from other cultures for marketing purposes can be hazardous to a brand's health. Companies such as Victoria Secret have been under fire of late for cultural appropriation for their fashion show outfits that clearly display a...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - June 2018

Featuring a nurse in your new ad campaign may just break through. As would sponsoring a wellness festival. Baking and board games resonate creatively with Gen We. And from Gen We to Matures, people are dropping mobile e-shopping. Check up...Read more

Weekly Recap - June 29, 2018

Microsoft sends healthcare to the cloud. Instagram asks, what's cool? A billion users. A billion users is cool. Don't think you're addicted to your phone? Apple does. They're tracking your screen time, and now, you can too. The hectic craze...Read more


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