Spam: no longer the weird pink meat-like product we ate as kids. The American classic has taken on a whole new meaning for email users. It’s sent by those inconsiderate junk mailers who want to clog our email system. We...Read more

TV as “An Event”, and how it impacts media buying.

I think I watched about 1 hour of TV over the last 3 months. There was nothing on. I've got stuff to do. I didn't really miss it. But then Monday: Wham! TV was back, and it wasn't playing around...Read more

Giving away $30 million in ad dollars.

Rupert Murdoch is a smart man. He bought MySpace in 2005 when it made $23 million from ad sales. In 2007, it will make $525 million in ad sales . So he knows a thing or two about Internet advertising...Read more

How Virgin Mobile shined a light on creative commons.

With so many “citizen journalists” publishing so much content online, the issue of copyright is being tested in new ways. To deal with that in an open way, a non-profit organization called “ Creative Commons ” set up a...Read more

“When you’re in a hole stop digging.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service had the best of intentions when they sent out an e-mail to 67,000 employees with the purpose of sharing information about energy conservation. Unfortunately, the communication touted a list of fuel-efficient cars to purchase, all foreign... not one American car. Needless to say, this got the attention (in a bad way) of the American auto industry, American auto workers and a delegation of Michigan elected representatives.Read more

When will a social network hive swarm?

Social networking is fascinating. Simply looking at the membership in the popular social networking sites is mind-boggling. 50 million visitors to MySpace? 80 million? 200 million? That many people doing the same thing? Without anyone really (perceivably) planning for it? For a control freak (like me) or at least someone who has spent their life planning and running businesses, this kind of force is daunting and humbling and fascinating.Read more

Am I in a meeting, or am I in hell?

Meetings suck. How many times have you felt like your entire day was hijacked, taken over by other people's mysterious random agendas? Of course, meeting have their good side. We are social animals, and communicate best face to face. So much more is accomplished when we actually can see the people with whom we are communicating. So, why then do meetings feel like torture sometimes?Read more

When good cliches go bad.

How many times have you heard some jargon in a meeting or in conversation and just wanted to shout "Bull$#*% Bingo!"? We have all been there, a client or a co-worker is struggling with marketing problem and goes to the "thinking outside the box" well. As a well-known creative agency there is an expectation that we are going to come up with the prize-winning "out of the box" idea. Acquaintances speak of their envy and admiration for the fact that we simply sit around awaiting the arrival of the Wacky Idea Muse. Ahhh...Read more

The $2,288 manicure.

Brogan & Partners may be a great advertising agency, but I sure am not going to try to sell you a $2,288 manicure. Nor did I ever pay that for one. But I am going to tell you why manicures are worth that to me. I am talking employee turnover . Something we work hard at managing.Read more


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