Weekly Recap - November 16, 2018

Parental Optimism Doing better than your folks was once a standard benchmark of American life . But that hasn't been the case for a while. About 50% of consumers born in 1984 were earning more at age 30 than their...Read more

What marketers can expect in 2019: Cause marketing.

From #MeToo to the Times Up movement, March for Our Lives to the #NeverAgain campaign, causes and cause marketing became a huge focus for brands and consumers in 2018. Marketers can expect more of the same in 2019. According to...Read more

Weekly Recap - November 9, 2018

Feels Like Happiness Wealthier consumers find happiness in experiences, while less affluent prefer stuff. Experiential marketing is what Instagram Stories are made of. Look at me, I'm skydiving into a corn maze infested with zombies. Here I am doing yoga...Read more

Holiday marketing: How soon is too soon?

When it comes to early holiday marketing, what are your sentiments? The more the merrier Still eating leftover Halloween Candy Please don't talk to me until December Holiday marketing...while some advertisers started their campaigns halfway through October, most retailers officially...Read more

How machine learning is changing the rules of marketing.

"Machine learning" may not be a term you've heard before. But if your first impulse is to ask Alexa what it is, you're already using one application of it. Machine learning is the practice of getting computers to learn autonomously,...Read more

Weekly Recap - November 2, 2018

Follow the Leader Millennials and Boomers look for different values in cultural leaders. Young adults are inspired by leaders with talent and a solid social justice platform, like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and Steph Curry. Older consumers are more likely...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - October 2018

Unable to make it to SHSMD this year? No worries with our top takeaways. From socially responsible flu shots to socially acceptable breastfeeding pods to all "natural"(?) LaCroix, and more, read our Healthcare Checkup to stay in the know. Vitamin...Read more

Why two Michigan breweries are joining forces to boost our local beer scene.

Michigan's always been known for our freshwater lakes, our auto industry, our expansive shoreline. But in recent years, Michigan's brewed up a new reputation that's gained national recognition: one for our hoppin' beer scene. In a recent study, Michigan ranked...Read more

Weekly Recap - October 26, 2018

News To Me Americans increasingly rely on social media for news—especially Facebook. Pew Research recently asked more than 4,500 U.S. adults where they go for news. Nearly half (47 percent) say they often or sometimes rely on social media, with...Read more

What marketers can expect in 2019: Money & Spending.

Learning America's mindset on money and spending is critical for planning a 2019 marketing strategy, especially for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. First, let's talk about 2018: The Good News: Americans are working. In September, unemployment hit 3.7%,...Read more

5 ways marketers can stand out on Instagram.

So you have a brand Instagram account...but is your creative engaging and are you utilizing all the platform features? Here are five ways your brand can stand out on Instagram. Utilize Instagram Stories (and the unique features). In April 2017,...Read more

Weekly Recap - October 19, 2018

Not Just Looking Instagram streamlines shopping, just in time for the holidays. Instagram is making it easier for consumers to acquire what inspires them. The platform's Explore page now has a Shopping channel and, after months of testing, the Shopping...Read more


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