Why E!’s “The Royals” is so loyal to gamification.

Kaitlynn Crane 08/19/15 - 2:51 pm

Haven’t seen “The Royals” yet? We’ll give you a quick run down. E!’s first-ever scripted series features a fictional family in modern day London. The king and queen try their hardest to shine a positive light on the monarchy… but their children make it a bit difficult.

Haven’t seen their social media channels yet? We’ll walk you through the ways they’re using gamification to shine a positive light on the show.  

As many brands have discovered, asking fans to answer trivia questions is an easy and effective way to boost engagement. So while “The Royals” was growing their audience on Twitter, they did just that. Using #TriviaTuesday, the show asked fans questions about the show… and fans answered. Not only did they reply to the brand tweets, they took even more action—“retweeting” and “favoriting” them, too.

Now of course, we see a lot of gamification posts and tweets that seem a bit more complex. Custom visuals. Custom videos. Custom links and more. But “The Royals” take a simple approach that still garners high engagement—and so can you.

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