Why cybersecurity is critical in building brand trust.

Delaney Darling 09/16/22 - 10:28 am

Why cybersecurity is critical in building brand trust.

Did you know? On average, 30,000 websites are hacked daily. It’s never been more important for brands to increase their security to protect themselves, their customers, their reputations and trust. As hackers get more adept and consumers hear about more attacks, they may be more protective of their information. That’s why it’s critical to improve your brand’s security both on, and offline.

Over the last year, Brogan & Partners has implemented a number of heightened security measures from the top, down. Are you looking to add protection, too? Here are five ways to reduce the threat of cyberattacks and build consumer trust:

  1. Evaluate your security. As time goes on, hackers are becoming more and more advanced, which means previous security systems may not cut it anymore. It’s important to check your security systems on a semi-frequent basis to guarantee your company and your consumers have the best protection. Think: When was the last time you reviewed the protection in place?
  2. Communicate up front. This is one of the best ways to build trust. Be clear from the beginning about your company’s data practices and policies. And if you change these policies or the usage of consumer data, continue to have open communication and immediately inform users of these differences. While you may have already earned consumer trust, you have to work to maintain it as well.
  3. Conduct cybersecurity awareness and phishing training. Cybersecurity awareness will teach your company the best online practices and procedures to keep your company’s systems and data safe. Phishing training will allow staff to recognize when a potential threat is happening, have a better response time and hopefully prevent the hack altogether. Investing time in these trainings can significantly increase cybersecurity and provide a better sense of protection for consumers.
  4. Put money into a better network. While this can be expensive, it is more than worth the cost. Purchasing a scalable, high bandwidth network infrastructure can be one of the best protections against cyberattacks. A better network gives your employees a secure way to communicate and work.
  5. Don’t hide mistakes. If there is a breach to your company’s cybersecurity, be sure to alert your users. Attempting to hide a hack can be severely damaging to your brand’s reputation and completely tarnish trust. Letting your consumers know what’s happening, what you are doing to fix the problem and allowing them time to take measures for their own protection are great ways to handle this potential issue. Cyberattacks can be common, so don’t be afraid to admit when one happens.

 Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue – it’s a crucial step for your entire company. Getting your team on board with these tips and implementing additional consumer safeguards will equip you for a safer, more secure future.

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