What marketers need to know about Facebook’s latest changes.

Lauren Hix 07/22/16 - 12:54 pm

Are you up to date on the latest Facebook algorithm changes? In its ongoing quest to give users more of what they want, Facebook is promoting posts from friends and demoting Pages on the Newsfeed.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your brand.

Here are two key tips to working your Page harder under the new Facebook algorithm. In other words, making sure your Pages posts don’t get pushed to the bottom of the News Feed.

1. More media, less text.

Studies have shown that the more text-only status updates people see from their friends, the more they share, but although status updates from friends may be even higher priority now, these simple text posts from businesses just won’t cut it. For Page administrators, this means a loss in traffic. Business status updates will get pulled back behind friend’s content. To combat this, it’s important to switch to more media-based or link-oriented content and stay away from simple text.

2. Quality over quantity.

Facebook is now fighting Clickbait Links! This means that the social media site is measuring how much time you spend on a shared link. It’s not enough for people to click on your link; they have to spend time reading it, too. Goodbye, uninformative and boring websites.

Facebook is also looking to penalize Pages that post too often. As we all know, no one wants to read dozens of promotional posts a day. When determining what pops up in people’s News Feeds, Facebook uses previous engagement of user and others to help determine where it stands. The goal is to get as much interaction from a single post as possible. Think: selection yields connection.

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