Weekly Recap – July 27, 2015

Ellyn Davidson 08/03/15 - 1:14 pm

Social media is constantly evolving, with vigilant bloggers following every new app, rule and Facebook flicker. We sift through hundreds of blogs weekly to keep on top of developments and seek out new client opportunities. It’s our job. And we like to share. So, don’t fret about what you might be missing. We’ve got your Cliffs Notes.

5 Ways to Generate Business Through LinkedIn
You might think of LinkedIn as simply a kind of digital Rolodex—a place to park your résumé and perhaps network a bit. But it’s also a rich tool for generating business—increasingly so, in fact, because the network itself has developed ways to make this easier.

4 popular Instagram formats to tell your brand story.
From cave paintings in Lascaux, frescos in the Sistine Chapel and Campbell’s soup cans with a dash of Warhol to billboards, commercials and now Instagram, visual storytelling has always been popular and powerful.

9 ‘Cheats’ to Make Your Content Go Viral
Have you ever found yourself lost in an article that read something along the lines of, “12 Ways Your Life is Like a Harry Potter Novel” and then thought to yourself, “Why am I reading this?” Here are nine common formats to help you package the content you create so that you can get more people to read and share it.

The first rule of brand authenticity: Know your audience.
Authenticity is an important, though fuzzy concept. Important because most consumers opt for authentic brands over and above their competitors. And fuzzy because authenticity can be difficult to define.

2Q Benchmarks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Infographic)
Although completely diverse mediums, here are three metrics to measure on your social platforms.


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