University Marketing 101: How Boston College builds social media into their strategy.

Kaitlynn Crane 08/20/15 - 1:55 pm

Let’s say you’re a high school student. You’re starting to think about your future—and it all starts with what college you’ll go to. Of course you want to go to a college where you’ll learn everything you need to be successful. You want prestige. Academia. But you also want fun.

So, what’s the best way to show students that your college has all of the above? Well, we’d say it’s Instagram. With 300 million monthly active users, the biggest crowd on the channel is a young one—with 18 to 29 year olds making up 53 percent of the site.

Colleges all across the country have taken note, and then taken to Instagram with hopes that a picture really will be worth 1,000 words. That it’ll garner thousands of likes. Thousands of comments. Thousands of applicants. And for Boston College, the idea seems to be working.

Primarily, they use the space to showcase shots of their campus and its surroundings. Beautiful, organic, strategically minimal shots, that is.


This one’s for the moms ?? Photo by @kristaveikos #bc360 #BCinBloom

A photo posted by Boston College (@bostoncollege) on

They keep their followers up-to-date—showing them what’s going on around campus in real time.

They give potential students a preview of what they might find themselves doing at school.


Home stretch… One more day until #BConBreak | Photo by @liamweir #bc360

A photo posted by Boston College (@bostoncollege) on

And they’re able to share their history—giving everyone an idea how long the school has been standing, and how long people have enjoyed attending it.


John F. Kennedy speaking at #bostoncollege in April 1963 #jfk50

A photo posted by Boston College (@bostoncollege) on

Ready to start sharing photos to your college’s Instagram account? Start with a content calendar—detailing what type of content will be posted when. Model your content after Boston College, sharing photos that fall in the same four buckets: campus, current events, students and history.

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