Trusting your hospital.

Julia Mastropaolo 09/10/20 - 9:48 am

Trust. A word we gravitate toward when we are uncertain and in need of reassurance. When we are tired, anxious and crave security. When we want someone or something we know we can count on.

This was the consumer outlook we had in mind when creating a new brand campaign for our client, Covenant HealthCare. Like others, the hospital had experienced a significant drop in ER, hospital and physician office visits, due to COVID trepidation. An NRC Health study* indicates overall consumer trust and positivity toward healthcare providers has significantly increased since the pandemic, with 44.5% of Americans professing a more positive view of the healthcare industry and the great majority naming hospitals and health systems as who they “most trust to handle COVID-19.”

Stepping foot inside their doors is different. The data also indicates sizable consumer safety apprehension for visiting the ER, urgent care, surgery center and PCP offices. Denial, avoidance and delaying care until absolutely necessary (in their minds) had become the new normal.

Concerned for the exacerbation of worsening, sometimes life-threatening health conditions, Covenant wanted to reassure the community they can trust Covenant for the safe, quality care that has always been there.

TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor and Social were created to reinforce the “Extraordinary Care for Every Generation” brand and mission statement with a focus on Trust. This includes specific clinical specialty area campaigns under this umbrella messaging.

2020 Covenant Brand Safety Outdoor

2020 Covenant Social Umbrella Brand

Merriam-Webster defines trust as the “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” I trust this campaign will help reinforce the leading confidence people have always had in Covenant – and hopefully, safeguard their health.

*NRC Health Market Insights COVID – 19, National Market, April – July 2020

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