Three unique brand page examples on Pinterest.

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Last fall we mentioned the latest social craze – Pinterest – and how users are pinning anything and everything from food to fashion and beyond. Back then, the majority of user accounts were created by individuals looking to organize their thoughts and ideas in a visually appealing way where they were easily accessible at a later date. But, in the past six months, we’ve seen a shift and numerous brand pages have popped up on Pinterest, hoping to capitalize on this new social medium and engage with their brand advocates in a new and exciting space.

Right now, brand pages function in the same way as any other users’ page. There is no special functionality for brands. However, this does not mean that brands have not thought of innovative ways to set themselves apart on this new channel. In fact, I have seen many brands promoting unique contests and sweepstakes, creating innovative collaborative boards and utilizing their boards to tell the story of the brand. Below, I’ve selected a few brands that are good models for other brands to reference if they are hoping to join and become active on Pinterest. 

Peugeot Panamá

This car company is hosting a creative Pinterest puzzle contest.

Peugeot Panama Pinterest Page

Users have to locate each of the puzzle pieces around the website and/or Facebook page and pin them to a board that they create on their individual Pinterest account. Once the board is completed and organized correctly, users must share the board with Peugeot. The first five people to complete each board win the contest. 

Peugeot Panama style=

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a great example of a retail brand that’s utilizing the channel in a way that is interesting for the users. Their boards include photos of Dunkin’ Donuts and their products around the world, some history and what “keeps them running”.  They also feature a cool collaboration board, called What are you Drinkin’, that features quotes from actual fans. This is a unique way to show brand advocates that they are listening and incorporating their thoughts into the brand image.

Dunkin Donuts Pinterest Page

Peapod Delivers

Peapod Delivers is a company that delivers groceries throughout the United States. They have created a very unique Pinterest page with numerous boards ranging from recipes, to healthy living tips, to holiday and event specific ideas, to causes they love (centered on food). Overall they do a great job of capturing the brand’s lifestyle and culture, giving users a reason to follow their boards without constantly pushing their service. One board that caught my eye was the Delivery Trucks board that tracks the delivery truck as it travels to different states. I thought this was a fun way to engage users so that they can follow along with where the truck has been.

Peapod Delivers Delivery Trucks Pinterest Board

What other brands have you seen on Pinterest? Have you seen brands with any unique boards or promotions? Stay tuned for more blog posts to come on Pinterest strategy and best practices.

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