The doctor is in. Virtually.

Julia Mastropaolo 10/05/16 - 1:47 pm

Telehealth. You’ve heard about it. Read about it. Maybe thought about trying it. But have you seen a delightful commercial about it?

Check out our new TV spot for client, Covenant HealthCare – the first and only hospital in mid-Michigan to offer virtual care doctor visits, the innovation that’s revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Allowing instant patient care anytime anywhere, telehealth visits are expected to increase from 350,000 in 2013 to 7 million in 2018. No surprise, since 71% of employers expect to cover telemedicine consults through their health plans by next year. An opportune option for an aging boomer, country dweller, or busy mom with an ailing kid, as shown in the Covenant spot.

We were elated to create one of the first hospital marketing spots for this innovative service, thanks to our technologically-leading client.  So tell us, does it inspire you to become one of the 64% of patients who would opt in for “webside” care?

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