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Julia Mastropaolo 10/12/16 - 7:02 pm

This spot literally woke me up as I was nodding off to the news last night. For there, in full scrubs, was not only McDreamy (Omg, is he coming back to Greys?!), but Hawkeye (Alan Alda’s “M*A*S*H” character, for those too young to recall) and other infamous TV docs from “ER,” “House” and “Scrubs.”

Now, I know as a healthcare marketer, I have an undeniable affinity for innovative healthcare marketing, but I think this spot is brilliant. Because it’s different, adorable, it caught my attention and it made me smile.

Kudos to Cigna for not only effectively promoting annual check-ups, but for bringing back to life some of our all-time favorite TV doctors.

Let us know if you liked it, too. And if you did, check out the short behind-the-scenes video, which is every bit as endearing—and effective in extending the message.

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