SoLoMo – say what?

Katie Rehrauer 08/20/13 - 2:48 pm

SoLoMo – It sounds like a trendy coffee order, but unless your local barista is a marketing expert, they probably aren’t familiar with the term.

SoLoMo is an acronym for social, local, mobile. All three are common and proven marketing techniques. But when used together these strategies give brands the ability to reach their target audience in a way never done before.

While brands have embraced using social channels to interact with consumers for years, local marketing has been restricted to zip code data, and mobile campaigns have relied heavily on SMS text messaging. But the recent advancements in mobile technology have enabled marketers to combine social, local and mobile to create the ultimate marketing strategy.

Smartphone GPS technology now allows marketers to micro-target consumers with relevant content that is designed to share on social media in real-time, anywhere.

Take for example, the Walgreens’ Foursquare program. Consumers who check in at a Walgreens location on the location-based social networking mobile site, Foursquare, instantly receive a coupon for a special offer. Even cooler, the coupon can be scanned directly from the phone.


This program is a win-win for both Walgreens and the consumer. Not only is Walgreens reaching their consumer at the point of purchase, but they also get a shout-out on a popular social media network, while the consumer gets an exclusive offer that makes them feel like a valued customer.

SoLoMo is taking “think global, act local” to a whole new level. In order for marketers to stay relevant, businesses need to get social, think local and spend on mobile.

How has your brand embraced SoLoMo?

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