Shedding some light on a new brand.

Julia Mastropaolo 08/15/12 - 5:10 pm

When Omnicare Health Plan embarked upon a recent name change and rebranding to CoventryCares of Michigan, we were honored to become their healthcare marketing partner. There were some unique factors to consider. While a local Michigan Medicaid provider, they are part of the national Coventry Health Care. Hence, names for all Medicaid health plan providers across the country were being changed to “CoventryCares of ___” (fill in the state – in our client’s case, “Michigan”). The logo and themeline, “Lighting your path to good health”, had been designed at a corporate level. However, local health plans had the opportunity to create launch campaigns as desired and appropriate within the corporate framework.

So we went to work on a marketing communications plan, including marketing interviews with administrators and docs, review of market research and data, and competitive brand investigation. The end result is a hard-working campaign that fulfills many objectives: Name launch. Themeline launch. Rebranding. Touting of a unique adult dental benefit. Mention of other key benefits. Not to mention the eternal first objective: emotional connection with the target audience.


Transit Tails:


The visual ray of light consistently and uniquely conveys the brand position of illuminating people to good health. The campaign is now running and includes outdoor, transit, mobile, facebook engagement ads, posters and radio. We hear it’s shedding some light on the CoventryCares of Michigan brand. Let us know your thoughts.

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