Radio advertising: getting the most for your ad dollars.

Laura Pryor 09/28/12 - 7:02 pm

With the glamour of television and the barrage of new opportunities in social and digital media, radio is sometimes a forgotten medium. However, clients with smaller budgets would do well to take a second look at radio (or more radio) for a host of reasons.

First of all, and most obviously, a radio campaign is far cheaper than a television campaign, both in production and media costs.  If you want to set a television spot on Maui, you’re looking at exorbitant travel and production costs.  If you want to set a radio spot on Maui, all you need is some ukulele music, sound effects of a few tropical birds, and a voice talent who says, “Gee, Maui is beautiful this time of year!”  The listener’s imagination will fill in the rest—and save you a lot of money.

When compared to TV, radio is not only cheaper overall, it offers a higher return on investment. According to a study by the Radio Ad Lab, radio’s ROI is 49% higher than that of television.

Websites and social media marketing require frequent updating and monitoring to be effective, and while the internet is a great way to reach younger audiences,  it’s less effective at reaching consumers over the age of 45—a growing percentage of the population.

The 2005 Mercury Award Grand Prize-winning spot for ebay, titled “Abbreviated,” is a great example of how radio can do so much and cost so little (note that even eBay, an internet powerhouse, chose to advertise on the radio).  One announcer, no background music, no celebrities, just a fun, well-written ad that draws listeners into the “game” of figuring out what the announcer is saying.  

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