Our Creative Team’s favorite ads from this weekend’s game.

Abigail McGrath 02/12/24 - 4:08 pm

Our Creative Team’s favorite ads from this weekend’s game.

Because we couldn’t root for our home team in this weekend’s game, many of us found ourselves rooting for great content: ads that made us laugh, featured cultural icons or caused a buzz online.

So I asked our Creative Team, “What stood out to you?” Independently, nearly everyone responded with humor. Celebrity appearances rang in at number two. After a few years of post-COVID ads focused on emotion, it seems lighthearted, clever content prevailed in 2024. Will brands carry that strategy through the rest of the year after some success this weekend? We’ll be eager to see.

Until then, find out what our Creative Team nominated for the standout ads of the year. Did yours make this list?

Uber Eats – “Don’t Forget Uber Eats”

Why we like it: “It’s funny and relatable. Also, references a lot of pop culture from the last year.”
-Sarah Foley

Pfizer – “Here’s to Science”

Why we like it: “Had a fun, retro feel that was in a lot of commercials this year.”
-Laurie Hix

“Not too often you see Pharma having a sense of humor.”
-Laura Pryor

Etsy – “Gift Mode”

Why we like it: “A memorable spot with a memorable source. Etsy gave humor but kept its brand and offerings front and center.”
-Abigail McGrath

Dunkin’ – “The DunKings”

Why we like it: “I liked the Dunkin’ one with Ben and Jen, just for the humor, the extension of last year’s, etc.”
-Kaitlynn Crane

DoorDash – “All the Ads”

Why we like it: “The most graphic commercial of the year.”
-Vong Lee

Verizon – “Can’t B Broken”

Why we like it: “Great use of celebrity and scenes.”
-Laurie Hix

“Smart move to couple the spot with a song drop.”
-Abigail McGrath

Squarespace – “Hello Down There”

Why we like it: “Aliens invade, and no one pays attention until there’s a website about it. ‘A website makes it real.’”
-Laura Pryor

The year is young, and we’re curious what else is to come from big brands, events and advertising in 2024. If you are, too, be sure to follow along on the Brogan blog. We’ll be breaking it all down as we root for a Detroit appearance on next year’s big stage.

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