Oreo has inspired us, once again.

Kaitlynn Crane 06/24/14 - 1:28 pm

Think about those ads that, as soon as you see them, make you think, “I wish I would’ve thought of that.”  Whether a brand has unveiled a brilliant logo design, a catchy theme line, awesome ad placement, a relatable Tweet or a feel-good video, these brands inspire us. They make us take a step back and think about how we could be more creative—how we could create those ads that everyone loves.

For me, that brand is Oreo. Every day, I find myself fascinated by something new that they’re doing, and today is no different. Today, I’m fascinated by their “Mel’s Mini Mini Mart” video—a rhyming story of how the Oreo Mini rose to fame. A story that could’ve went on untold… but what fun would that be?

Which brands inspire you?

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