Mashable’s Madvertising: Smart Advertising in the Modern Era.

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There are many different spins on the word advertising, from m-advertising to swagvertising, but my personal favorite is the Mashable-introduced, Adobe-sponsored Madvertising. Inspired by the hit TV series Mad Men, it means “smart marketing in the modern era” and follows iconic brands over time. 

Much has changed since the three-martini lunch marketing era… Mad Men has fearfully exposed the truths of the advertising industry and for this reason, its inspiration has leaked into the doors of modern ad agencies everywhere.  This is where the Madvertising topic comes into play. In the Madvertising series, Mashable talks to marketing executives from brands that were featured in Mad Men and discusses how their brand strategies and creative messaging have evolved since the “Draper Era”.

Madvertising quickly turned into my favorite Mashable topic because of the historic brand transformations and risks it reveals. The iconic brands featured include Jaguar, Rolex, Heineken, Gap, 3M, Hilton Hotels and more.  Each article discusses the innovative shifts brands have made to stay relevant to the shifting habits of consumers. Let’s be honest, advertising to Millennials and DIYers is almost incomparable to how Draper and his team reached Baby Boomers. These companies have seen it all, and their advertising campaigns have evolved through the growth of marketing and advertising.

So, why is Madvertising relevant for you? This series brings together the top brands and reveals how they are remaining relevant from 1960s to now. If you’re looking to keep up with the digital era trends, this topic is a must-follow. Here are the top five trends I picked out of the series, so far.

  1. Modern era marketing is smart, targeted, and data driven.
  2. Be true to your brand but don’t be afraid to change how or where you express it.
  3. Data is important but your message is more important.
  4. Advertise with your market, not to them.
  5. Get risky; you never know if your platform will become the next big thing.

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Here at Brogan & Partners, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve of the modern trends. Our 30-year history has allowed us to take the chances and help our own clients see the rewards that the companies in the Madvertising series discuss. Stay tuned for our own historic portfolio and you’ll see what makes us “mad” over advertising.

**Check out this article  to see what New York Times said about Mad Men’s influence on the discussion of women in advertising.



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