Marketing to women that connects, example 7: Google Chrome.

Laurie Hix 09/17/12 - 4:57 pm

As the highest users of social media, according to Mashable, women are the audience people want to connect with to spread the brand love. And one of the most brilliant campaigns of the decade (in my humble opinion) is the Google Chrome campaign. Showing the audience the web is what you make of it, it uses a kaleidoscope of experiences to demonstrate the capability of Google Chrome, while at the same time pulling on our emotions. To our generation, the web is the new fabric of our life. Through it, Google inspires a younger generation with “It Gets Better”, shows us how together we can “Make It Happen”, and documents the love and wonder years of “Dear Sophie.” In the latter, I thought it was especially clever to make the author of the web diary a man instead of a woman. The fastest way to a mother’s heart is through showing a father be a great and sensitive dad. Which just goes to show, that the best marketing to women creative is not always with a woman as the hero. It’s what works and emotionally connects.

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