Marketing to women that connects, example 6: Cingular and Verizon.

Laurie Hix 09/06/12 - 11:00 am

Women have their own language, and the best marketing to women agencies understand this. Mothers and daughters especially, have a unique relationship and to understand this and make an emotional connection that transcends commercialism, is true genius. One of my favorite all time commercials was this Cingular commercial below. Having a teen daughter myself, I understand how raging hormones create daily mother daughter battles. I love how this brand flipped the verbal spewing. That was a spot from years ago, but wonder if the creators of this Verizon spot had that in mind for Mother’s Day. This year’s commercial, could make a man cringe, but for us girls with mothers and daughters, it rings true. Making the emotional connection first with your audience helps your marketing message be more memorable and have a deeper impact. It shows you get them. So if you get their life, they are more likely to believe you have also created a product that resonates well with them as well. So tell me what you think about this marketing to women creative. Do these spots speak to you?

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