Marketing to women that connects, example 2: Toyota Sienna.

Laurie Hix 11/30/11 - 12:00 pm

Considering soccer moms are an American invention, it is surprising that Toyota is the auto brand that has invented a new way to speak to the next generation of them.

Over 25 years ago, our agency founder Marcie Brogan, created a marketing campaign to help Chevrolet and its dealers market cars to women. It was back in the dark ages when dealers (who were used to dealing with only men) now needed to learn a language that spoke to women. But the question is, has automotive advertising really evolved that much since the early 80’s? Having worked at GM agencies for almost a decade, I worked on a lot of campaigns that truly emotionally connected to women. But recently, I notice how little humanity is in the car and truck advertising I see. We seem to be taking a U-turn back  to the days of a big car visual with a big laundry list of features and scant any sort of emotional connection. So I found it refreshing when Toyota launched their Swagger Wagon campaign for the Sienna. Not only did I feel this campaign emotionally connect with women, but a new generation of women, who don’t want a mom-mobile or and who won’t let parenthood impede their hipness. This campaign with its YouTube channel of 29 Swagger Wagon videos made me laugh out loud and made me laugh at myself as I connected with these parents who desperately want to still be young, hip and cool. Don’t we all?

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