Marketing to Women Insights: Insight #1 – Advertisers need to get it more often.

Lauren Zuzelski 02/06/14 - 2:50 pm

We launched our first Brogan talks to women survey last month and were intrigued by the answer that the majority of our female respondents noted in the question “Do you feel advertisers understand women?”  Of our sample, 77% said that they felt advertisers only understood women “sometimes.”

Do you feel advertisers understand women?

We knew from our marketing to women experience that the majority of women are the primary decision maker for grocery shopping (of our respondents, 78% confirmed our thoughts).

So, why haven’t advertisers figured it out yet? A fresh example that comes to mind was the Oikos commercial that featured John Stamos that aired during the Superbowl.  (Remember that; on top of the cost to produce the spot, hire John Stamos and the other Full House goofballs, they spent over $4 million to air in the Superbowl).

Don’t get me wrong, John is very nice to look at – I mean look at those lips. BUT – really!? Is that how you think women make a decision on a purchase?  It didn’t provide me with any benefit of buying. Does it taste good? Who knows? Do they have all natural ingredients? Who knows. Will it save me time in my day? WHO KNOWS!

Women want answers to those questions. Tell them how you can help them get 20 more minutes in the day, to spend more time with their family or even themselves.
To close – just a little humor from Giussepe Balsamo.

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