Invest in yourself first – advice for brands.

Brogan & Partners 02/09/12 - 5:00 am

“Invest in yourself first.” While I’ve always know this to be great advice on retirement planning and savings, I’ve recently found myself using it to talk to clients about everything from brand building to new product launches.

So it was a great coincidence when a friend shared David Warschawski’s January 26, 2012 blog post about internal marketing programs as a path to success in the new year.  I think we as marketers often forget that while a brand is the public face of a company or a product, it is the group of people behind the brand that can make or break your initiatives.

Brands should constantly communicate with employees. From the mundane (status meeting on Monday), to the revolutionary (new social media policy implemented) and especially to the inspirational (your hard work has lead to a 20% increase in sales) – the employees that create a product and inspire the brand must be the first to know.

What’s the point of all this? Before investing thousands upon thousands of dollars campaigning to external masses who may or may not have an interest in your message, why not campaign to the internal masses who DO have a stake in your success. Invest in yourself first – in your assets. Your employees. Then let them be the megaphones that that push your message forward.

Got an iconic internal campaign to brag about? Let us know!

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