Innovative healthcare marketing example # 6.

Julia Mastropaolo 12/13/11 - 5:07 am

When I say, “General Electric”, you probably don’t think “healthcare”. I didn’t either, until I saw this spot and did a little research on line.  GE actually has a whole business category called “Curing.” Including  things like mammography screening and this 4d Ultrasound system which gives you crystal clear sneak previews of your impending newborn. If you’ve ever had a baby or thought about having a baby, it will give you goose bumps – and lots of warm-fuzzy confidence in GE.

The “First time ever I saw your face” music, the pure expressions of innocent, idyllic baby love on the couples’ young faces, the amazing technology and the understated, brilliant editing is a can’t miss for the desired emotional connection. And masterfully positions GE as a healthcare innovator.



Let us know if GE emotionally connected with you through this healthcare spot.


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