Innovative healthcare marketing example #13.

Julia Mastropaolo 06/08/12 - 11:00 am

What do you want to do when you’re 100? If you’re like me, you don’t think much about it. Too busy with today’s priorities – like getting to work on time, packing lunches and making the next track meet. But Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 campaign, especially the beautiful Healthcare Advertising Award winning spot below, will stop you in your tracks and make you ponder.


A successful marketing program emotionally connects and can make you think about things you really don’t want to think about. We’ve done it with healthcare issues like organ donation, drunk driving and AIDS prevention. This hospital has me convinced of their vision of a world where people live to be a healthy 100 years old. They offer a wealth of positive body, mind and spirit tools to motivate longevity. Like healthy recipes, inspirational videos with adorable centenarians, healthful events, newsletters, deals on healthy products and services, even a mobile app to track your daily water intake. But it doesn’t stop there. The hospital has forged ahead with community extensions into Healthy 100 Kids, Healthy 100 Church and an executive program. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube successfully echo each component of the vision, rounding out a wonderfully convergent campaign.

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