How to market healthcare to all the generations.

Emily Marchak 09/08/15 - 1:03 pm

Mindfulness. It’s a value that transcends the generations today, from Millennials to Xers to Boomers. Consumers today are taking greater stock in their well-being and taking actions to improve their health, according to CEB Iconoculture.  

For healthcare marketers, this means leaning into attributes like control, self-actualization, spirituality and wellness—while being mindful of generational differences.  Mindfulness looks a lot different through the eyes of a 25-year-old single teacher with a pet cat and no mortgage than a 47-year-old married CPA, with three kids, two dogs, two car payments and a college tuition.

Consider wearables.

Wearable technologies that track improvements appeal to Millennials’ ideals of success, ambition and adventure. Millennials strive to do more, venturing out while also adding to their exercise goals. Gen Xers are more likely to partake in this trend as it supports their beliefs of responsibility, family and confidence. Wearables that track steps taken, calories burned, heart rate etc., will increase a Gen Xer’s confidence in a job well done. For Boomers, wearable technologies tap into their values of independence as they can wear these technologies wherever they go, encouraging healthy decision-making, as well as being a healthy role model to their family.

Fitbit gets generational marketing.

In “Get lost” the brand is more intentional about young Millennials, appealing to their differentiating values of discovery, adventure and excellence.

To target young Xer men, the brand hones in on balance, confidence and sexuality in “Know your heart.”

For Boomers, the brand refines its messaging to highlight values of independence and simplicity, as the Fitbit tracks your activity day and night.

healthcare marketing to baby boomer

As you can see from Fitbit’s varied tactics, knowing your market and what motivates their mindfulness about their health can help advance your objectives and drive overall campaign performance.

For more on how to market healthcare across the generations, stay tuned to this blog series. In upcoming posts, we will examine each cohort, provide strategies for engagement, as well as provide industry examples.

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