How the state of Maine is using gamification to make a statement.

Kaitlynn Crane 09/03/15 - 1:38 pm

Visit Maine—the tourism office for the state—is running a campaign called “The Maine Thing.” What are the main things about Maine? What are the main things about life?

…What are the main things on their social media channels?

To boost engagement on their sites and increase awareness of the great things you can do in their state, Visit Maine regularly experiments with gamification, often in the form of trivia questions. (Just like The Royals!)

Pairing a crisp, beautiful photo with a trivia question, dozens of their fans choose to test their knowledge, and they ultimately end up learning a lot. For example, did you know there’s a city in Maine that makes up a total area of only 6.1 miles? Or that there are 62 microbreweries in the state?

Visit Maine also encourages their fans to think creatively—sharing silly photos and asking what the caption could be.

Should gamification be one of the main concepts on your social media channels? We’d say so.

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