Guided Search: A Pinteresting way to aid your searches and your emotions.

Brogan & Partners 05/14/14 - 8:36 pm

It wasn’t long before Pinterest became one of the most popular websites. In fact, it holds the record for breaking the 10 million unique visitor mark faster than any other site in history (Techcrunch). With the recent launch of Pinterest’s new Guided Search function, which narrows your search into specific categories, the website makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for – without eliminating the element of discovery. The Pinterest blog writes, “Search engines are great for answering specific questions…but Pinterest can help with the questions that have more than one right answer…It’s made for exploring, whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting to look around”.

Pinterest promoted this feature through a series of creative online videos – with an introduction spot titled “Introducing Guided Search.” The spot captures different stories of individuals who use the Guided Search function to answer their questions. What recipe should we use?  What kind of running gear should I buy? How should I trim my beard?

However, Pinterest chooses to answer these questions with very little dialogue. The silence leaves room for the spot to visually capture the mood behind our moments of discovery. This strategy immediately appeals to our emotions. Our attention isn’t so much on the logistics of the new Guided Search function. But rather, it turns our attention back to our emotions as it captures feelings of inspiration (to get fit), curiosity (to explore), and intimacy (with our father) to name a few.

The Guided Search function is more than just a tool to simplify searches. Pinterest conveys that it’s not just about helping us find a good recipe and the perfect running shoes. It’s about telling the story of love through rainbow pancakes and accomplishment as we run another mile. Pinterest becomes the platform that guides our most intimate moments of curiosity. It allows us to get lost in our journey of discovery with the promise that it’ll lead us to find exactly what we need. And whether or not we know what it is that we’re looking for, our curiosity will leave us feeling inspired.



As a creative, I am always seeking to create marketing that emotionally engages. What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s “Introducing Guided Search” video? 

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