Ford, Always and CVS: 3 brands targeting Millennials with inspiring ads.

Emily Marchak 12/12/14 - 3:35 pm

Get ready to be inspired. Three big brands set out this year with bigger, more powerful marketing messages that speak Millennial. Using themes of integrity, empowerment and change—values that motivate Millennials to buy and be loyal—companies like Ford, CVS, and Always are changing the course and content of advertising. The nation’s largest generational cohort is taking note.

Let’s talk cars. We have seen hamsters, Clint Eastwood, and now Matthew McConaughey.  But what about a Millennial? In the “Upside: Anything is Possible” commercial, Ford demonstrates their keen interest in Millennials by incorporating tailored content all wrapped into an empowering, inspiring message.

Created in response to Cadillac’s “Poolside” commercial, which features their electric car with an elitist agenda, Ford instead has a different message—one of inspiration. “Upside” features a realistic setting, entrepreneur job and diverse culture, all of which encourage the well-being of not only Detroit, but for all the Millennials that “work hard, to do better.”  The take-away from this “in-response” ad is simple… get your hands dirty, help make the world a better place. Ford is demonstrating that they care, generating a positive impression among the Millennials.

Let’s talk women. How many times have we heard the qualifying phrase—like a girl? How many times have we heard it in a positive light? Always is taking a stand and changing the way this generation looks at this phrase. In a playful series of question and answer, this clever TV commercial asks Millennials of all ages, genders, and races what it means to –throw like a girl, run like a girl and fight like a girl. The beginning of this commercial sheds some light on the negative stereotypes the phrase connotes, with men and women acting out the clueless, weak female caricature. Ultimately, Always encourages Millennials to “make #likeagirl mean amazing things.” How’s that for some inspiration?

Let’s talk health. In October, CVS dropped tobacco products from its shelves and with it, $2 billion in annual revenue, all in the name of health. What’s more, CVS is helping smokers quit the habit, as well as initiating programs that will help their workers quit smoking, help patients take medicine on time, as well as expand their minute clinic. How inspiring.

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