Five mobile apps to make you feel good. And others too.

Brogan & Partners 10/10/13 - 7:11 pm

One thing many marketers understand about women is that they want to nurture the world. Literally. We are genetically engineered to be caretakers. And caring for the causes that go beyond our families is natural for us. We’re busy ladies, but these five mobile apps help us take care of business and take care of others as well.

  1. Turn your energy into dollars. The Charity Miles app allows you to choose a charity, and earn money for them through exercise. Are you a runner, biker or walker? The Charity Miles app will donate 25 cents for each mile that you walk or run, and 10 cents for each mile biked. Can you think of a better reason to get moving? Availabe for iOS and Android {free}
  2. Let your “foodstagrams” feed the hungry. Instead of simply gathering likes on Instagram, your food photographs can help feed disadvantaged schoolchildren in South Africa. The Feedie app will donate a meal when you dine and snap a food shot at one of their participating restaurants. The Feedie movement is a project of The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit that provides meals for children in South Africa. Available for iOS {free}
  3. Get a big pay off from small lifestyle changes. For example, when you choose to brew your own coffee, the money you would have spent can be donated to the Instead app. That small donation can provide a child in South Sudan clean water for up to a year. Instead is an app that shows you what small changes you can make to save cash, and in turn, help others. Available for iOS {free}
  4. Donate a photo to raise awareness. Donate a photo helps you connect and raise awareness to the causes you care about. For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the cause you wish to help. Some ways this donation can help are to beautify a park, protect a newborn from HIV, or send a student to nursing school. Available for iOS {free}
  5. Be inspired to spread an act of kindness. It’s the little things that help make our world a friendlier place. When you download the Nobly app, you’ll receive daily suggestions for acts of kindness.

Does this inspire you to go out and make the world better? Do you have any feel good apps to share?

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