Effective nonprofit social media marketing campaign example #1: UNICEF.

Brogan & Partners 11/25/14 - 3:42 pm

Chances are if you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know the feeling of losing track of time as you scroll through countless images on the website. Like it? Want it? Pin it. Pinterest is a visual platform that allows its users to create virtual wish lists for just about anything – dream closet, mouthwatering recipes, future home décor, etc. You name it. Pinterest will provide a variety of options to fulfill your wishes.

UNICEF, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for child poverty, created a clever campaign using Pinterest as its launching platform. Their strategy? Juxtapose the materialistic aspirations that users may have against the simple needs of a child in poverty.

Ami Musa was created by UNICEF, which featured the profile of a 13-year-old girl from Sierra Leone. Her Pinterest board titled “Really want these,” did not look like the average wish list however. The pinned images foster startling emotions when Ami’s board presented photos of everyday essentials. Her dream closet? A pair of used sandals. Mouthwatering recipe? Grains of rice. Home décor? A rusty faucet. These are the things she dreams of having.

UNICEF put a twist on the luxurious desires on Pinterest to communicate a powerful message. When users clicked on Ami’s photos, they were directed to a donation page on UNICEF’s website that displayed a photo of “Ami” with the following message:

“Children like Ami need basics that many of us take for granted: food, education, healthcare, a clean supply of water. Your donation can help us provide these and other essentials. Thank you.”

What do you think about UNICEF’s use of Pinterest? To see more nonprofits making a difference, check out the beginning post in my series, 10 Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns That Effectively Use Social Media.

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