Do you “like” Instagram’s latest changes?

Kahla Anderson 11/26/19 - 4:11 pm

Have you ever posted a picture, received a low amount of likes and then deleted the picture? You posted the picture because YOU liked it. It shouldn’t matter what others think, and that’s what’s most important. And Instagram believes so, too.

Instagram chief, Adam Mosseri, recently announced that the social app would be testing removing the number of “likes” from posts. The change has already been tested in seven other countries and now will be tested in the U.S. Instagram users will not be affected right away; the social app selected certain people to be a part of their test.

What does this mean for businesses? Will it hurt those who use Instagram as their bread and butter? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this change.

Why is this happening?

Social media platforms have become toxic for many people – in varying age ranges and backgrounds. It has created underlying jealousy and a need for perfection. Instagram and their team believe people’s health is more important than popularity and decided it’s best to take the numbers away. At least for the time being.

What will it look like?

Instagram users will now see “Liked by [username] and others. However, if you want to know how many people like your post, you can click and count how many likes you’ve received. But your followers and other users will not be able to see them.

Is this bad for business?

Not necessarily. Influencers can still report their metrics to companies. If anything, this change allows Instagram influencers or those who use the platform as a marketing tool to get creative with their tactics and explore the way they campaign for products.

This is not the first change Instagram has made to its platform, and probably won’t be the last. This change could potentially change how marketers and businesses use Instagram. As a leading social platform, it is admirable to see such a change that can have a positive effect on youth, adults and mental health. This change means more than anything money can buy.

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