Creative healthcare marketing using robot talent.

Julia Mastropaolo 06/01/15 - 2:50 pm

What do you get when you combine advanced robotic surgery with a little humor? According to Strategic Health Care Marketing, it’s Advertising Worth Noting, as referenced in an exclusive article on Covenant HealthCare’s da Vinci Surgery campaign. The combination of Covenant’s surgical technology and Brogan’s creativity resulted in a humorous campaign about da Vinci robotic surgery.  And while this may seem like an unlikely combination, the results revealed otherwise.

At the time, most robotic surgery campaigns were safe and predictable. Larry Daly, Director of Planning and Business Development at Covenant HealthCare, testifies “Typically, what you see is surgeons with folded arms looking at you with confidence. Or you see the machine just standing there. Or you see the surgeon with his head buried.” So in order to make Covenant’s da Vinci campaign stand out, we created a campaign that would be a little less…robotic.

The campaign featured a robot that helped individuals with their everyday activities, including golfing, walking a dog and shopping at the mall, which ultimately delivered the message: Covenant’s robotic surgery can help you return to your everyday activities sooner. The juxtaposition of robotic surgery and everyday activities made the message personal, engaging and funny, while also showing consumers that Covenant is a leader in robotic surgery technology. Not only did Covenant save on “talent” costs, but the significant CTR, landing page visit increases, and surgeries are testament to the campaign’s success.

Want to read more about Covenant’s journey to becoming a robotic surgery leader in the region? Read Strategic Health Care Marketing’s exclusive article.  

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